General information, deactivation, cookie managing

Cookies are small piece of data that are sent from our website and saved from the browser into the user’s computer or oder devices (such as tablets or mobil phones/smartphones). It could be installed, from our web site or its subdomains, technical cookies or third party cookies.

Anyway, user can manage, i.e. request the general deactivation or the elimination of cookies, modifying the setting of your own internet browser. This deactivation, otherwise, could slow or deny the access to some parts of the web site.

Settings to manage or deactivate cookies can be different according the browser used. We recommend to user to check the device manual or function “Help” of your own browser in order to receive more information about.

Technical cookies

The use of technical cookies, i.e. necessary for to transmit communication and data on web of electronic communication i.e. narrow essential for giving the service requested from clients, that allow the sure and efficient use of our web site.

There could be installed session cookies to allow the access and the stay in the reserved area of the site as logged in user.

The technical cookies are essential to assure the correct function of our website and are used to allow to the other users the normal surfing mode and the possibility to use advanced services available on our website. The cynical cookies used are session cookies that are saved in the memory of the users’ device until their expiration or elimination by the user. Our website uses the following technical cookies:

  • Technical navigation or session cookies used to manage the normal navigation and the authentication of user;
  • Technical functional cookies used to save customized settings of user for example the language;
  • Technical analytics cookies used to know the way users use our website in order to improve the function of it.

Third party cookies

There could be installed third party cookies: they are analytics and profiling cookies of Google Analytics, Google Doubleclick, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. These cookies are sent from third party websites to our website.

The third party analytics cookies are used to analyze the user behavior on a website. The recording happen in anonymous mode in red to monitoring the performance and better the web site use. Profiling cookies create users profiles in order to offer advertising messages focussed on the users’ choices.

The use of these cookies is controlled from the third party rules and we invite the users to read the privacy policy and the indication to deactivate cookies published on the corresponding web site.

Profiling cookie

It can be installed by the owner/s, using i.e. web analytics, profiling cookies which are used in order to obtain detailed analysis reports in real time about: web site visitors, type of search engine operator, key words used, language used and sites surfed.

The same cookies can collect information such as IP-address, nationality, city, datum/time, device, browser, operative system, screen resolution, navigation provenience, visited website and number of pages, duration of visit, number of visit.